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Founded four decades ago in Istanbul district of Nisantasi. From the very start, Roman became a fashion brand that introduces new codes of elegance to the fashion market. Intended for independent women, free-spirited, and refined aesthetics and love of timeless beauty, Roman easily found its way to women’s hearts.  Today, the brand has 70 stores around the world, two of them in Belgrade: at Str. Kralja Petra 30 and BW Galerija, Main Street 0


The Concept of ROMAN

Affordable, innovative style, recognizable for using natural materials: linen, cotton, wool, silk, tencel and viscose. Twenty percent of the new Fall-Winter 2020/2021 collection is made of recycled materials. Roman was chosen mostly by women, regardless of age, who follow trends, pay attention to details, who are modern, sophisticated, confident, dynamic, open to new ideas, uncompromising in terms of style




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I was in a store at Kralja Petra Str. and bought a few stuff. And, I fell in love with Roman Serbia store, totally.
The girls (I call them girls out of endearment, hope you don’t mind) are so kind. . . I haven’t felt so good shopping in a while.

I adore trends offered by Roman Serbia. Pieces are easy to combine and look increadable, the quality is extraordinary. Roman Serbia makes me feel beautiful.


Finally something different! I thought that everything has already been seen and that novelties can no longer be found, something that will amaze me. And, then Roman Serbia. I am looking forward to every new collection. Countless times, woman have asked me where I bought your clothes. I was not selfish, I would recommend you every time, from my heart.


Loyalty program

By purchasing over 50,000 dinars
you get a 10% discount for all subsequent purchases